Postcoronary Drift

I sorta saw Macabre, Witness to Murder, and Perfect Sisters. It was a bit like watching the traffic behind the ambulance, which was there one minute, gone the next. I finally had to ask. Turns out ambulances these days come equipped with patient stealth technology: one flip of a switch and the rear windows instantly fog over into opaque whiteness. Why we don’t have these things in our homes is a mystery to me. Especially at night.

Whole chunks of the movies disappeared like those 15-20 minutes during which I was having a metal tube inserted into my heart. Well, I told ’em up front I didn’t want to be around for that. And they were as good as their word: I wasn’t.

It’s kind of a shame. Two of the movies, I think, had a little something going for them.

I don’t know where I go from here, what with one thing and another (the other being that I start a new job on Monday).

4 responses

  1. Wait, did you have a heart attack, or are you just being literary?
    Hopefully, the new job works out well…


    1. Mild heart attack, major blockage in one artery. Fun, fun, fun.


      1. Well, that sucks. Hope your long term prognosis is going to be good…


      2. Oh, I think I’m technically new and improved — provided I live a healthier lifestyle. But I’m not sure that life was meant to be lived without salt.


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