The Beast With a Million Eyes (1955), directed by David Kramarsky


The exciting potential in the non-literal title (the alien “beast” usurps weak minds and exploits hate) is entirely squandered in a meandering, poorly paced story of a small date-farming family in the desert struggling against isolation and interstellar menace.  Lorna Thayer belittles her husband and admits she sometimes hates her daughter.  Teenager Dona Cole isn’t too happy when mom hacks up her (possessed) dog with an axe.  Husband Paul Birch figures out what’s going on seemingly by reading the screenwriter’s mind.  Well, at least the creepy mute handyman plasters his walls with girlie pictures.  Awful on every level.


2 responses

  1. This sounds ripe for a MST3K treatment…


    1. Yeah, and I don’t think they ever did it. Whereas a much better movie, the one I posted today (Attack of the Puppet People), they did (as Rifftrax). Goes to show they didn’t always pick the best ones. I remember watching the MST of Kitten With a Whip and thinking, Oh, just shut up so I can hear the movie! : -)

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